• Leather neck corset

    Leather neck corset

    A costume piece with some real world functionality as a neck brace, one of my more unique pieces I've made a handful of times in different styles - the Neck Corset Read more
  • Billions and Billions

    Billions and Billions

    Work with our close artistic friend Paul of Half Psychotic Makeup, incorporating the Talus Dome in Edmonton Read more
  • Hand tooled cuffs

    Hand tooled cuffs

    Handmade, hand tooled, hand dyed, and all buffed, finished and sealed by hand. Made to last a lifetime of daily wear.
  • Wizard of Oz

    Wizard of Oz

    A shoot styled by us and put together by our team of local Edmonton artists Read more
  • Helm of Dragons

    Helm of Dragons

    Molded leather, fox tails, chain, conchos, feathers and more. Made over a couple years but I kept putting it to the side as other projects would come up.
Natural vegetable tan leather goods, handmade with care and passion by Denby Jorgensen.

Concept photography and art combining costume, prop, and collaborative work with other locals by Marilyn Trudell and Denby Jorgensen.