A bit of an update to the site, and some goals
A bit of an update to the site, and some goals

Well this summer has been a busy one! I’ve gone through one camera and started with a new one, still working on replacing the equipment lost… but I’ve finally managed to establish some manner of goals for myself when it comes to getting out more often and taking more photos.

As such I shall be moving some of the technical talk off of here, likely it will end up at http://djorgensen.mine.nu though that remains to be seen for certain. I’m also looking to share more about the details of the trips I embark on and talk about the photos and stories that led up to each of them since I’ve really been finding that the more that I hike and travel, the more the journey to get the photo you end up seeing in the end counts (and often they are rather interesting stories – like dealing with beetle attacks, crazy people walking up to wildlife, or just general unplanned occurrences). Other than that, you may also start to see posts from Marilyn regarding the work that she does too.

For now, I’ll leave you with this – a bit of an inspiring photo taken before we left for our last trip in August:

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