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Denby Jorgensen

I am an artist. I create and make, and then I go and create more. When I was younger my creativity was often focused with electronics which has certainly influenced my adult life when it comes to working with the devops community. Over the years I have also done a great deal of work in the plastic arts starting with illustration and more towards concept art, digital design, and photography. I’ve loved all of it, but these days much of my focus has been on photography and leatherwork.


I started in leatherwork many years ago during a challenging time of depression and despair in my life. As a medium, I found it to be both complicated and yet exciting and rewarding – to make the switch from working on a two dimensional surface to three dimensions was new to me, and not only that once cut or coloured there is no undo, there is no going back. As the final results can last a lifetime of daily wear and exposure to the elements I’ve been passionate about doing everything I can to ensure it is both functional and a work of art. I have had to learn techniques from the past that are not readily available available anymore, and create new ones that have never been documented. My specialties from my earlier years of being an artist are working with colours – I greatly enjoy doing vibrant mixes and things that contrast and stand out above the rest, and since starting with tooling and embossing leather I have taken a great deal of time to learn how to best impress fine details and create as three dimensional of results as I possibly can.

One of the biggest differences between the work I produce and what most people commonly associate with leather goods is that I work almost exclusively with vegetable tanned leather. It is the only leather available for carving and tooling and it is created in a more environmentally friendly and longer process than chrome tanned leather. Where chrome tan uses chrome salts and sulfuric acid and can tan a hide in a day, vegetable tan uses oils and tannins derived from tree bark and plant extracts and takes a month to complete.  As a result, vegetable tanned leather is the most biodegradable of leathers and has the least environmental impact, but is also most costly to purchase and the least readily available. For more information from the major tannery I source my material from, please see the following: http://www.hermannoakleather.com/about/environmental 



In photography, I specialize in landscapes, larger production shoots where I have to build props and spend weeks gathering materials and making items, and editing. Sure there’s headshots, and simpler work in there too, but I will always choose to go out and make something crazy if I can! I’ve been doing photography off an on since I can remember, even back so far as my school days being sent around to events to gather shots and head over to the darkroom with my lunch to inadvertently eat chemicals. My first art show at the Exposure Festival in 2008 was based around my panoramas in and around Alberta.

If you are ever interested in seeing my work in person, working with me, or having me make something absolutely give me a shout!





Awards, shows, and publications:


• Leatherwork showcased on fantasy night during the Spring 2014 Western Canadian Fashion Week, April 2014, http://westerncanadafashionweek.com/
• Published in Science Network Western Australia – School closures best combat flu outbreaks, June 2013, http://www.sciencewa.net.au/
• Cover of Forest Ethics: Drawing the Line, Feb 2013, http://forestethics.org/
• Assisted Kathleen McDonald with costumes for Trinity Players presents Jesus Christ Superstar, 2013
• Published in the spring/summer 2012 edition of Art Trends magazine http://www.arttrends.ca/
• Leatherwork, Into the Woods – ELOPE Musical Theatre, 2011
• Leatherwork, Hamlet – Horizon Players, 2010
• Works showcased in Edmonton’s Exposure Festival, 2008



If you are looking for any information about anything that I have posted here, or are simply interested in talking me up, by all means use the form below to get a hold of me, or check out the links to my other social profiles on the right.

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