Expanding the family!
Expanding the family!

So a good friend of mine is moving away and needed to find homes for the pets that she could not bring with her. Another person had offered to take care of this lil guy, but it fell through.

Xerxes is his name – he’s a killer green anole and prefers to be alone from other lizards (whom he will fight to the death with), but he is really so super cute and nice and awesome!

Xerxes Stressed

He was super stressed from the moving and everything, but after a few hours of settling in and finding him a good place he sure found his color again!

Xerxes Settled

There is certainly going to be many more photos of this guy! He’s already showing off his dewlap to everyone and seems to have scared the cat with it too.

I am so excited to have him and so happy to be able to take care of him! :D

Oh and regarding the photos – they were taken with Marilyn’s old Tamron 80-210mm F/3.8-4 Model 103A. It only works in manual, which is really forcing me to be sharp with estimating available light and exposure. Its been really fun to use lately and I have a number of other photos that I’ve taken in the past week with it.

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  • lila says:

    I didn’t know you got Xerxes!! That’s awesome :D

    • admin says:

      Yup yup yup :3
      He’s been rather content and chillin’ here. Currently just basking in the light and waiting for a cricket to make its move~
      I may also be adopting some frogs soon too!

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