Mini Shoot, and Candied Apples
Mini Shoot, and Candied Apples

I’ve been pretty busy with the camera lately it seems. On Sunday I had a mini shoot with Marilyn, and ended up with a few good photos between the two of us.  On Monday I also went out for a very long walk with Katie and managed a pile more photos that I have yet to really go through.  From the looks of it my current processing folder has well over 1000 photos again.

Anyway here are the spoils from Sunday:

First is what I snagged of Marilyn

SmugTagStun Gun

And what Marilyn snagged of me


There is going to be a ton more updates from the past week, possibly more from this little session too.

Also this evening I was given this tastefully wonderful caramel apple from Marilyn:

It ended up being the most happiest lil caramel apple! My septum ended up giving it eyes and my upper lip gave it a smile. It was entirely unplanned and yet entirely awesome.  :D

Happy Apple

I think that I am also still buzzing from all the sugar.

Sugar High

If I am lucky I’ll fall asleep soon here – I have an appointment to attend in 5 hours now…

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