New theme, new photos, and late night posting
New theme, new photos, and late night posting

It’s far later than I’d like it to be, but I’ve finally gotten around to modifying the them to suit the style of the site here. There is likely a lot of tweaking left to do, and then more posting that need to be done to cover for the past year, but still tonight progress has been made.

Recently Marilyn and I have been connecting with others and looking to expand our portfolios. We’ve not done nearly as much work with the beauties and talents that are around us and we really desire to change that. We’ve two free rooms in our house – one being empty and the other with some furniture that are working fairly well as a studio space with our tests. That said we still both seem to love shooting outdoors so having an indoor space isn’t likely to prevent us from venturing outside ever again.

The other interesting event we recently attended was Sweet Carousel’s Laced Up Cabaret. I’ve several photos that I am still cranking out, and despite missing the fashion show and freezing outside we’re both quite happy to have made it! That’s really all for now – all these photos are up on our facebook page at: If you are not yet a fan, head over and give us a like!

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