Some time now…
Some time now…

Well it has been some time since the last update, and while I did have desire to continue updating all I really had to talk about was my ever growing family.

As it is, I still have need to share my two newest additions, Sponges and Deca:

Sponges Decarabia

Sponges Decarabia

Sponges is an amel motley corn snake, a few years old, and about four feet long. I adopted him from a friend who was unable to make certain he was getting the proper care he needed. Decarabia is my little baby black stripe ball python, only a few months old, and about a foot long currently. Already in the past month she has seemingly plumped up a bit. Both are very cuddly and friendly, and fairly constricty with their cuddles too!

Also, in the past few months I have been doing some manner of studying. Been working towards getting a couple IT certs, including redoing my CCNA (and likely continuing on towards the CCNP) and a CISSP certification. As such I now have this sitting alongside my desk:

Some home networking

And then of course, last but not least – given that this is the season for Halloween – I have an outfit to show off. Made by Kathleen, it is Silhouette from the Minutemen:

Silhouette: Minutemen

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