The busy past couple months!
The busy past couple months!

Just trying to catch up with editing here, we’ve managed several shoots over the past couple months and it’s been a blast! This is a brief overview of what we’ve been up to, I’ll likely make a couple other posts to cover them and share more photos too!

We started in our home space with Priya, followed by some outdoor fun with Jessica.

After that we had some studio fun during a day where we were called in to model:

Followed by another weekend of myself modelling for Kefkism Design:

And another impromptu shoot with two wonderful ladies, Desiree and Kirstie:

And then we had a giant weekend of almost non stop photos, first with Sabine and Shawn, and then with Raia Safyre and Danailya Reese. Many thanks to Paul from Half Psychotic Make Up for makeup for the last two.

And then last weekend was CCEE, though due to attendance issues we don’t actually have any photos – but we did go to the zoo!

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