Tumblr – Not quite a 365 project
Tumblr – Not quite a 365 project

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Some of you may already have noticed that I’ve been making an effort to post photos from my phone on Tumblr this year. It’s not been an every day sort of thing, the 365 project has been something I’ve attempted in the past but found that it just became photos of cats, food, and self portraits. Instead I’ve been more trying to capture what’s going on when there’s something interesting or fitting of my mood and limiting myself to the camera on the phone to really push myself into doing better even with limitations. Even still, the results point to the fact that I simply think a lot about cats, food and take photos of myself. C’est la vie~

Every once in a while I’ll take a bit of a break to share other things I am doing, like leatherwork or art that I’ve made too! Which of course isn’t always going to be with the camera on the phone.

Anyway, feel free to add me over there and let me know about your own personal Tumblrs! I’ve also opened it up to comments and all that jazz, and just noticed it was not linked to my twitter. Not only that but I’m posting this from my phone as well to see how it goes!

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