Work, travels, and all around good things
Work, travels, and all around good things

For the past few months now I have found myself working! April and May had me traveling this route: Google Maps, 2010 Journey, of which I have many photos of that are waiting to be processed (all added of course to the few thousand I have not gotten around to yet).  In the first week of May though, I managed to capture this small panorama of the Peace River and Dunvegan.

I also managed to capture some photos of the forest fire in Opal, the sunset on Highway 63 near Fort McMurray, and  some wildlife in the Muskoseepi Park in Grande Prairie, as well as some others here and there.

After completing that short contract, it was barely a week before I was put into my new role. It seems to be a fairly quiet and comfortable environment, which will certainly be nice. So finances looking up, free time looking up, and motivation also being quite on the up lately, things are really splendid! Still studying for some certifications (CCNA getting put on the backburner for the sake of what they wish me to complete for this new position), and still working on photography and some leatherwork, as well as taking care of my lovies, and seemingly reading more and more comics as the days go by…

It’s also very likely that I am moving (well less of the likely sort and more of a question of when it will happen).  Hopefully that gets cleared up – yet it is all for the best too since I shall finally get to have my Marilyn around more often.

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